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The albums below are a minimum of $1, more if they are found in GoldMine's price guide. Prices in parenthesis preceding an album relate to a the price of the album or relate to the price guide. I generally sell at 1/10 of Near Mint condition. So, for example, if a record lists at $20, I sell it for $2. I believe I have some of the lowest prices on the Internet. If a line is in bold print, that means I've listened to it and have assigned a price and audible grade at the start of the line. See home page for shipping charges. Beatles records are in varying conditions as noted on each line. I will listen to any record to make sure it is in a satisfactory condition under the following guidelines:(Click here).
Condition guide: NM = Near Mint, VG+ = Very Good Plus (Excellent), VG = Very Good, G = Good, P = Poor Review detailed condition guide.
Artist / Cover / Record Name / Record #
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07/22/2013 ($4) Beatles / no cover / 1962-1966 (only one of two records)
($10)Beatles / no cover / Beatles '65
07/05/2014 nab ($12) The Beatles / VG (seams split) / Beatles '65 / Capitol T2228 (some light marks)
07/15/2012 ($10)Beatles / no cover / Beatles again (two of these)
07/15/2012 ($6) Beatles / no cover / VI / Capitol ST 2358 (some longer moderate marks)
05/15/2013 ($20) The Beatles / G VG (front lower half of front cover paper missing, back with top paper present, but mostly unglued) / A hard day's night / United Artists UAL 6366 with "I cry instead" listing (heavy wear)
05/15/2013 ($10) The Beatles / (no cover) / A hard day's night / UAL 6366 (heavy wear)

06/15/2014 nab ($15) The Beatles / VG VG+ / Help! / Capitol MAS 2386 (some light marks and a larger scuff)
05/15/2013 ($10) Beatles / VG VG+ (three 3" seam splits) / Help! / Capitol MAS 2386 black label with colorband (heavy wear)

06/15/2014 nab ($15) The Beatles / VG+ / Introducing ... The Beatles Englands No. 1 vocal group / Vee Jay SR 1062 EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN! This is a counterfeit copy as the center hole is between "Introducing the Beatles" and "The Beatles."
($4)Beatles / no cover / Let it be / Apple red labels AR 34001
07/19/2013 ($10) Beatles / VG / Love songs / Capitol SKBL 11711 (2LP) (a few light/moderate marks)
05/11/2013 ($5) Beatles / P G (water damaged cover, large portion scuffed on front) / Magical Mystery Tour / Capitol SMAL 2835 black label with colorband (lots of light marks, some moderate/heavy marks) booklet is water damaged)
03/12/2021 nabeatles ($15) The Beatles / VG (partial seam splits) / Magical Mystery Tour / Capitol SMAL 2835 (partial booklet)
($10)Beatles / no cover / Meet the Beatles / Capitol ST 2047
04/05/2013 ($10) The Beatles / VG VG+ / Meet the Beatles! / Capitol T 2047 black label with colorband (heavy wear)
06/27/2015 ($20) Meet the Beatles / VG VG+ (spine split ) / Beatles in tan print front cover; Capitol T 2047 black label with colorband, ASCAP after titles except I want to hold your hand.(some light marks)
07/12/2015 ($15) The Beatles / VG VG+ / Meet the Beatles / Capitol T 2047 black label with colorband, ASCAP after titles except I want to hold your hand and others (some light marks and pressing pimples)
06/16/2012 ($15)Beatles / VG VG+ / Meet the Beatles / Capitol T 2047 (black label with colorband, BMI and ASCAP after song titles) (lots of light marks, some moderate marks)
08/31/2012 ($10) The Beatles / VG VG+ (spine wear, water mark upper spine corner) / Meet the Beatles! / Capitol T 2047 (worn)

05/12/2013 ($10) The Beatles / record only / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / Capitol SMAS 2653 black label with colorband (lots of light marks)
08/04/2012 ($5) The Beatles / G VG (back bottom seam split) / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts club band / Capitol SMAS 2653 (cover only)

08/31/2012 ($50) The Beatles / VG (top seam split) / Songs, pictures and stories of the fabulous Beatles / Vee Jay Records VJLP 1062 (on record) VJ 1092 (on cover). Black label with colorband, both "Introducing the Beatles" and "The Beatles" are above the center hole (legitamate copy, not a fake!)(Lots of light marks) (This record books at $500 if in near mint condition)

05/15/2013 ($5) Beatles / VG VG+ (COVER ONLY! / White Album #0741703
10/19/2018 ($12) The Beatles / VG (a small scuff front upper left, top seam with a 1" wear spot, 3" centered spine split) / White album / Capitol SWBO-101 (2LP a few very light marks, a few very small spots, should be fine overall)

10/25/2017 nabeat ($3) The Manchesters / VG VG+ / The fabulous new sound from England Beatlerama / Diplomat 2310 mono (some very light to light marks, some fingerprints)
05/08/2011 ($20)Four Beatles Photos from White Album -- very clean. Ringo photo with a small tattered edge 1" along top does not encroach into photo. Suitable for framing.
05/08/2011 ($10)Beatles poster from White Album, very clean and suitable for framing.
10/16/2015 nab ($4) John Lennon Yoko Ono / VG VG+ (small-mid sized scuff lower front edge) / Double fantasy / Geffen GHS 2001
05/04/2013 ($4) Paul McCartney / VG VG+ / The McCartney Interview / Parlophone Chat 1
08/03/2011 ($2)Booklet for Ringo Starr Album / Capitol SWAL 3413

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($10)BEATLES / VG+ / From White Album -- folded into six squares as it fit inside album cover.
($3)The Attitudes -- Good news
05/04/2019 ($3)Aztec Camera -- All I need is everything
($3)Rod Stewart -- A night on the town
($3)Simon and Garfunkel / VG+ / 1976 photographs by Don Hunstein, Bob Cato
09/06/2012 ($3) The Beach Boys -- from Endless Summer LP
07/15/2017 ($3) Black Oak Arkansas poster from #SD7035 High on the Hog
10/16/2014 ($3) Chicago poster with Peter Cetera
05/04/2019 ($3) The Icicle Works poster
05/04/2019 ($3) Talk Talk -- EMI LARGE poster