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The laughs never stop in the comedy room. In here, you can expect to find both male and female comics. All are well known, unlike the "unknown comic" from the old days of The Gong Show. The albums below are a minimum of $1, more if they are found in GoldMine's price guide. Prices in parenthesis preceding a record relate to either the price of the record OR are 1/10 of the Near Mint condition price shown in my price guide. So, for example, if a record lists at $20, I sell it for $2. I believe I have some of the lowest prices on the Internet. If a line is in bold print, that means I've listened to it and have assigned a price and audible grade at the start of the line. See home page for shipping charges. Most of these albums appear to be in superior condition, but I will listen to any album before selling it to verify it is in the condition that you want under the following guidelines:(Click here).
Condition guide: NM = Near Mint, VG+ = Very Good Plus (Excellent), VG = Very Good, G = Good, P = Poor Review detailed condition guide.
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com($2)Johnny Carson / one VG / Here's Johnny, Magic Moments from the Tonight Show / Casablanca SPNB 1296 (2LP)
05/06/2020 nacom ($1) W.C. Fields / VG+ / W.C. Fields on Radio with Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy / Columbia CS 9890
10/19/2012 com($1) W.C. Fields / VG+ / The original voice tracks from his greatest movies / Decca DL 79164
com($4)The First Family rides again / VG+ SEALED! / Rich Little, Bonzo, Vaughn Meader / Boardwalk NB1 33248

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04/01/2020 nacom ($1 [VG+ NM 3.5]) Hack & Sack / VG / May the bird of paradise fly up your nose / Diplomat DS 2394 stereo
04/28/2020 nacom ($1) Buddy Hackett / VG VG+ / The original Chinese waiter comedy album / Pickwick SPC 3198 stereo
02/03/2020 nacom ($1) Spike Jones / VG VG+ / The best of Spike Jones vol. 2 / RCA ANL1-2312(e)
06/09/2020 nacom ($1) Spike Jones and his City Slickers / VG+(shrink) / The best of / Victor LSP-3849(e)
02/03/2020 nacom ($3 [VG+ NM 3.5]) Spike Jones / VG+ / The craziest show on Earth / G and O Records 10016 (3LP box set)

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05/16/2018 nacom ($3) Junior Samples / VG+(shrink) / Moonshining / Pickwick stereo JS 6113
05/11/2022 ($2) Kermit Schafer presents Are you Curious or Yellow? / VG+ / Audio Fidelity AFSD 1711
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04/13/2020 nacom ($2) Stan and Doug / VG+(shrink) / yust go nuts at Christmas / golden Crest CR 31071 stereo
03/25/2020 nacom ($1) [VG+ NM 3.5]) Fly Buttons and other comedy favorites / VG+(shrink) / Mel Brooks, Stan Freberg, Kalil & Taylor, MORE! / Capitol ST 2502 stereo
03/15/2020 nacom ($1 [VG+ NM 3.5]) Wacky Westerns / VG VG+ / Jimmy Dickens, Roger Miller, Fendermen, MORE! - 24 original hits, original stars / K-Tel 3280 stereo
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