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Customer comments from web site (+1 e-bay) purchases (41 States and 27 Foreign Countries):

In 2021, I'm looking for web site buyers from these states: Connecticut, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming. Let me know if you're from one of these states when you are buying. Thanks!


From M.S. in ALASKA:
Thanks as always.
From S.N. in ALABAMA:
I received it today and it's wonderful! Thank you again! :)
From R.R. in ARKANSAS:
The CD and record arrived several days ago. I have listened to it and it was better than I expected. I know my Grandkids will enjoy listening to one of their parents favorite Christmas stories. ...Thank you very much. I also appreciated your quick response and professionalism.
From B.C. in ARIZONA:
..just wanted to say thanks for the 2 albums - in excellent condition, exactly as advertised. A pleasure doing business with you - if I ever need vinyl I'll give you a shout!
It arrived in perfect shape. Thanks for the extra care in packing.
From M.G. in COLORADO:
The album is wonderful.
From R.P. in DELAWARE:
I recieved the order today. Thank you,
From E.T. in FLORIDA:
Collected the record today. Looks great. In much better shape than the one my father used to have.
From T.K. in GEORGIA:
I just wanted to say thanks again.... I got the package and records are great!!!
From I.W. in HAWAII:
Just to let you know that the LPs arrived safe and sound here in Hawaii this morning. So that was definitely a good result for media mail sent across the ocean. Thank you for the great records - all in wonderful condition (of course!). And I must mention too your ingenious, highly efficient and effective packaging. Very clever and much appreciated. First class service all round. What a refreshing change. Thank you.
From S.K. in IDAHO:
Thanks for being so prompt. This album was in my life in the 1950s when I was in high school. I cant remember where I got it. There is one song in particular on the album that touched me deeply. It certainly was out of the mainstream of my rock n roll days. But it was also the days of enjoying the Music Man soundtrack. Thank you for being in the business of storing these treasures for people like me who want to revisit the good things of the past...
From M.V. in ILLINOIS:
Thank You Brian : Three years and some hundred odd records later you are still shipping out gems. I get a big smile when the postman walks in with that familiar package in his hands. I always know I will find exactly what I've ordered, and often in far nicer shape than advertised . Fair pricing, quick professional shipping and the obvious fact that you love vinyl keep me coming back. It's a pleasure to buy from a professional and all around nice guy. Keep up the great work, record collectors like me could use a dozen more like you. Thanks Again MV
From P.S. in INDIANA:
...I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am! It arrived much sooner than I expected, and the condition is exactly as you described. You can't imagine the memories this album brings back for me!...Your fast response, and the careful way you packed the album for shipment tells me that you are in this business because you love old records -- and the rest of us are all the richer for it.
From P.K. in IOWA:
..Got everything and it works great.....
From D.H. in KANSAS:
The album arrived today. Excellent condition and I appreciate it. I'll keep your info for future album needs. Great doing business with you.
From D.D. in KENTUCKY:
Received the stuff this morning, no problems. Thanks for the deal.
Just had a chance to look over the album a little while ago...Everything is great, just as I had hoped... thanks very much for a good product delivered in excellent condition.
From J.W. in MARYLAND:
The six records arrived yesterday, 19 Jul. I listened to them last night and they were just what I hoped for. They arrived in good condition and the quality was exactly as you said they would be....I'll be making another order (other artists) shortly.
Cheers....The lp has arrived and it is great. Thanks so much,
From K.B. in MICHIGAN:
I wanted to email you back... I just wanted to say that my husband was very pleasantly surprised when he opened up his gift of the original album, plus a CD of the album!! I just wanted to say your site was very helpful and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for old albums, I know i'll be back.
this is to let you know that the album arrived today, in perfect shape with not a shred of shipping damage. I am very grateful for the nice way you packed it, and am simply delighted wth my purchase. Many thanks once again, you give fine service.
...I received the album last Thursday. It is really great. I am working on a list of albums I am missing and will forward it to you as soon as it is finished. Thanks so much...
From E.B. in MISSOURI:
I have received the records and they all look wonderful. I have not had the chance to listen to any of them yet but i look forward to it. Thanks again, i will do buisness with you again...
From P.D. in NEVADA:
the Didn't It Rain album arrived in tip top shape last Weds but I wasn't able to sit down and enjoy it until today. Thank you so much. I appreciate your accurate description and note upon shipping re: your concern over it's overall condition. It's fine, I'm delighted and wondering where the last 30 years since I first heard this have flown. Thanks a million and have a safe summer.
From J.B. in NEW JERSEY:
I just wanted to let you know I received the album yesterday & it was in fine shape, as advertised!! Thanks for an excellent transaction & I look forward to doing business with you again in the future...
From R.V. in NEW MEXICO:
I received your package today (Monday). It arrived in good shape. Thanks for having let me know of this recording ...
From M.M. in NEW YORK:
"You have the most wonderful service. You are guesswork. You take so much care to rate the record properly. Your description is accurate. You take such care when mailing it. You couldn't ask for a more perfect way to do business. And your offer to burn a CD from the record...what a wonderful service. NOT to mention your prices! I can't say enough good things about this person. To are a find!"
You are full of surprises!!! First of all, the packaging was superb! I wasn't aware that this particular lp came with an original inner sleve but that was a pleasant suprise as well! Thank you so much for your professionalism, prompt response to emails, prompt shipping, great packaging, awesome lp, reasonable shipping costs, and basically just for being a pleasure to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From K.T. in OHIO:
Thank you very much for your patience and honesty in listening to the records. I appreciate your help. It is nice doing business with you. I will bookmark your site and come back to it first when looking for other records. I can't wait to get the package! Thank you again.
From R.C. in OKLAHOMA:
I received the album in the mail on Tuesday. Overall this record sounded really great! Thanks for the fantastic customer service of grading the album and shipping promptly. Hope to do buy more albums from your store in the future.
From F.J. in OREGON:
The album arrived today and I'm playing it now. It is in excellent shape. I'll keep looking your site for other things that I may want. Thanks again
Thanks for the friendly and EXCEPTIONAL service! Received the LP this morning. Sounds great!...
I received the CD. Its in excellent shape. Thank you. Sorry I took so long to respond but I was having to much fun listening to my new CD. Thanks again."
Got the records Friday, everything is great and all were in great condition. Thanks so much, will definitely be checking up and ordering more from you in the future.
Thank you so much for your courtesy in waiting until I returned from my vacation. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
From T.R. in TEXAS:
MANY THANKS !! You can't imagine how long I've been looking for this record. Keep up the good work - I certainly appreciate it!
From M.A. in VERMONT:
Your prompt replies and great service have been wonderful in this hectic season. Many thanks!
From D.C. in VIRGINIA:
Thanks a lot! The order was received in great condition and in a timely manner. My Mom loves the album. Super service!
Thank you for a very positive buying experience. The very detailed information on the LP was accurate and it was packaged VERY professionally and promptly shipped. Please feel free to use me as a reference.
I received the record yesterday. Thanks. It's great! I listened to it last night. I had been trying to track down the record locally for the last year. Thanks again.

Thank you and God Bless!
The record has arrived and it is in just perfect condition. Very proud to have it and very grateful to you for all your efforts.-- Best wishes
From R.F. in AUSTRIA:
Les Baxter has arrived. Thanks again, I am very happy with it. regards
From F.K. in BELGIUM:
Thanks! (e-bay purchase)
From L.M. in BRAZIL:
LPs received safely today - thank you very much.
From C.W. in CANADA:
Just wanted to let you know I received the album this weekend. Thank you so much! It's in great shape and you got it to me so quickly. Thank you for being so efficient!
From J.O. in DENMARK:
....Man that`s great,only FOUR days!... But "concertos for ..." is just amazing. I`m on side 4 now and the only thing wrong is some slight surface noise,no scratch`s at all! This is really FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I can concentrate on other things.thanks a MILLION.
From P.C. in ENGLAND:
Record received today. Very pleased with condition. Many thanks.
From V.R. in GERMANY:
The package arrived this week. It is wonderful. Thanks for your support. I will come back to you if I have additional requests.
From G.D. in GREECE:
The records arrived yesterday and I will place another order shortly.
From R.K. in HONG KONG:
Just received the LPs today.... They are terrific! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATION!! Hope to doing business again with you soon!
From B.P. in ITALY:
Hi -- I received your lps. I hope to can receive something that Im interested on. Bye from Italy
From P.B. in IRELAND:
The records arrived today, 31st Jan in perfect order (Fine box). Very quick! I'm sure they'll play well also. A pleasure to deal with you. Many thanks!
From H.K. in JAPAN:
The records we ordered has arrived to us a few days ago...Thank you for spending your precious time for listening to records for us. We're looking forward continuing to buy your good records.
From G.S. in LITHUANIA: (surface shipment)
I have received successfully the parcel with records today. It seems it took something like 7 weeks to come. Not very bad at the end I must say. The box was crashed a bit but records remained untouched. I looked briethly at records and I must say I am happy about them. What I can say right away is that your grading of records is very honest. I am happy to have a bussiness with you. Best possible regards from Lithuania
From J.S. in MACAO:
I have received the 25Lps mailed by air parcel post....Thanks.
From A.M. in MEXICO:
I hope to be able to buy some other interesting records from you in the near future.
I couldnt wait until my fathers birthday so I gave the album today. He was so happy! He had tears in his eyes...It brought back a lot of memories! The quality was very well! Thanks a lot!
From R.R. in NORWAY:
I ... want to extend my warm thanks for your great service. Very quick delivery. Excellent condition of vinyl. This is just smashing...
From A.M.F. in PERU:
From A.G. in PORTUGAL:
Received today the order, perfectly packed and all the Vinyl are Ok! Thank you for your kindness, and full and amazing service!!!
From S.R. in RUSSIA:
This is to confirm that I received the LP records 3 days ago. thank you very much. I surely will buy from you again.
From E.S. in SPAIN:
Hello ..... today I received the lp in great condition and very well packed. Thank you for everything.
From C.B. in SWEDEN:
Just want to let you know I got the album today, and its great. Thank you very much!!
Yesterday has received LP's. Large thank you to you. I am very glad. LP's All good.
Just got the LP. Many thanks and merry Xmas.