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Please understand that the CD-R music discs I create are copies of the LP, imperfections and all. It is important to have a clean source. Software does exist to clean up any imperfections, but I do not do that as part of my service. This software is fairly inexpensive and can be customized to your tastes, so I suggest you obtain that, if needed, and save yourself a load of money (when doing multiple LP's).

The cost for one LP to be transferred to a CD-R music disc is $11. I have not seen a lower price on the Internet for this service. In addition to the CD-R music disc, you get a nice clear plastic case as well. The discs I create are CD-R music discs, so you want to be sure your player can handle this format. It has been my experience that these CD-R music discs work well in American home CD players, but have occasionally sounded funky in car CD players or foreign CD players. I would strongly suggest a test of one record before you send me multiple albums.

These are the terms of adhering to copyright laws which you agree to uphold when requesting CD-R's to be made of LP's that you own:

  1. That I own and am providing the source material to be used for transfer, or have contracted Adam and Eve's Music Shop to locate and procure such music source material, which I am purchasing through this service as well as paying the costs for reproduction. More specifically, this is to assert that Adam and Eve's Music Shop has under no circumstances solicited to sell me CD-R copies of any commercially issued or copyrighted material.
  2. That Adam and Eve's Music Shop shall create and provide me one and only one copy of each LP I have sent or bought from said store, each of which I hereby state is strictly for my own private listening purposes.
  3. That I shall at no time loan, rent or resell any custom compact disc created for me by Adam and Eve's Music Shop, neither will I use or provide it as a source for reproduction of the recorded material therein in its entirety or in part, for private or commercial sale, non-profit trade, or distribution of any kind.
  4. That I hereby assume virtually all liability for any legal action arising from my breach of any term of this agreement, concerning the reproduction of this material, including but not limited to violation of U.S. or international copyright laws. Furthermore, I hereby promise to additionally hold harmless as well as indemnify Adam and Eve's Music Shop and its principals from being party to such infringements or their legal consequences.
  5. That I am an adult of 18 years or older, and that I fully understand and fully agree to comply with each and every term of this agreement.