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09:01:2020: (best offer $5000 and up) McIntosh MC240 Tube amplifier power amp + MX110 stereophonic tuner preamplifier serial# 666z3 -- local pickup preferred. Insured shipping will be EXPENSIVE!

08:29:2020: ($125) Technics turntable SL D2 direct drive two-speed WITH DUSTCOVER !!. TESTED! Has a Technics cartridge. Plays 33 1/3 (LP) and 45rpm. Has the 45rpm adapter. Cueing arm works fine. Nice price on this one, check out the sold ones on e-bay that go for much more! Probably a local pickup on this, it would cost an arm and a leg to ship it. I kind of don't want to let this one go ... :-)

09:01:2020: ($50) Another Technics turntable coming soon, just as soon as I can test it. UPDATE: Sadly, this one which was taken on consignment did not work properly. I could not get the cueing arm to come down. I may have gotten the platter to spin, I'm trying to remember now as I tested a couple of them. I may just part it out for now. It has the dustcover. It is model# SL-B20.

($3) Discwasher brush inside brown-colored box. No liquid.

($5) 45 RPM holders (boxes with handles)-- I have several of these. Various flavors - One is light colored with musical notes. $5 each.

($5) Original Pioneer PL-590 PL-600 Turntable Platter PNR-1025 Rubber Mat PEB1059-A --This is for the rubber mat!