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Sometimes looks can be very misleading. This room is for records that have varying degrees of marks on them. So, I would definitely want to play them before selling to you to ensure the sound quality meets your criteria. Sometimes a record can have some marks on it, but still play well. The albums below are a minimum of $1, more if they are found in GoldMine's price guide.
Prices in parenthesis preceding a record relate to either the price of the record OR are 1/10 of the Near Mint condition price shown in my price guide. So, for example, if a record lists at $20, I sell it for $2. I believe I have some of the lowest prices on the Internet.
If a line is in bold print, that means I've listened to it and have assigned a price and audible grade at the start of the line. See home page for shipping charges.
Condition guide: NM = Near Mint, VG+ = Very Good Plus (Excellent), VG = Very Good, G = Good, P = Poor Review detailed condition guide.
(Price)Artist / Cover / Record Name / Record #
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m($5)Frankie Avalon(1958) / G / Frankie Avalon / Chancellor CHL 5001
m($2)Beavers - Chipmunks / VG / Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer / Wyncote SW 9153
m04/09/2011 m($5)Aaron Bell Trio (1958) / VG (seam splits) / After the party's over / RCA Victor LPM 1876
m($12)Chuck Berry(1958)--2nd LP! / VG / Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits / Chess 1485
m($20 VG+ NM 3.2)Chuck Berry / VG VG+ / One dozen Berrys / Chess LP 1432 -- note: this record has a slight crack that goes from the outer edge into the first track, however, it does not seem to sound when played other than a few very light pops.
m($3)Teresa Brewer / VG / Teresa Brewer and the Dixieland Band / Coral CRL 757245
01/03/2018 m($2) James Brown / P G (top bottom seams split) / I can't stand myself / King 1030 stereo (marks on this one, far from mint)
m08/28/2013 m($3) Max Collie / VG VG+ AUTOGRAPHED! / On Tour / GHBS63
m06/18/2015 nam($8) The Crew Cuts / VG VG+ / Rock and roll bash / Mercury MG 20144 (some light marks)
m($7)Dion / VG VG+ / Dion sings love came to me / Laurie LLP 2015
m10/10/2011 m($5)Fats Domino(1962) / VG VG+(shrink) / Million sellers by Fats / Imperial LP 9195 black label with stars on top
m($15)Fats Domino(1956) / VG / Rock and Rollin' / Imperial LP 9009
m($10)Duane Eddy(1959) / VG / Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel / Jamie JLP-3000 Duane sitting with guitar case, title on cover in green and red
m($5)Jerry Fielding and his orch.(1956) / VG / Play a dance concert / Kapp KL 1026
08/28/2013 m($3) Jerry Fielding / VG VG+ / Fielding's Formula / Decca DL 8450
10/13/2016 nam ($15) Bill Haley and His Comets, Gloria mann, The Mello-tones, Mel Williams, The Barons / VG / Music for the boy friend - He digs rock 'n roll / Deccal DL 8315 (LOTS of light marks) cover has "The Petty girl as featured in Esquire" on the front (Near mint book value $150, this is VERY USED)
10/13/2016 nam ($15) Bill Haley and his Comets / VG VG+ / Rockin' the oldies / Decca DL 8569 (LOTS of light marks) (Near mint book value $150, this is VERY USED)
m($2)Joey Heatherton / VG+ (cut corner) / The Joey Heatherton Album / MGM SE 4858
m04/09/2011 m($3)Eddie Heywood / VG VG+ / The touch of Eddie Heywood / RCA Victor LPM 1466 (one offsite)
m($8)Buddy Holly and the Crickets / none / The Buddy Holly Story / Coral CRL 57279 multi-color label
m($30)Buddy Holly and the Crickets(1959) / G VG (bottom seam split) / The Buddy Holly Story / Coral CRL 57279 maroon label; black/red print on back cover
m($30)Buddy Holly(1959) / G VG (seam splits) / The Buddy Holly Story / Coral CRL 57279 maroon label black/red print on back
m($10) Joe Houston and his Rockets / VG VG+ / Rock and roll / Tops L1518 (lots of light marks)
m($15)Johnny and the Hurricanes(1959) / G / Johnny and the Hurricanes / Warwick W2007
m($25)Johnny and the Hurricanes(1960) / G VG / Stormsville / Warwick W2010ST
m08/27/2011 m($15)George Jones (1957) / VG / Singing 14 top country song favorites / Mercury MG 20306
m($3)Boris Karloff / VG VG+ / Prokofieff Peter and the Wolf - Lieutenant Kije Suite, op. 60, Boris Karloff, narrator with Vienna State Operea Orchestra, Rossi, cond. / Vanguard SRV 174SD
m($8)Barney Kessel / no cover / Music to listen to Barney Kessel by / Contemporary DEMO C3521
m($10)George Lewis and his New Orleans Stompers(1955) / VG / Volume 1 / with Avery Kid Howard, trumpet / Blue Note 1205 Lexington Ave. address on label
m($3)Gene McDaniels / VG+ / 100 lbs. of clay! / Liberty LRP 3191 (one offsite)
m($3)Gene McDaniels / VG VG+ / Gene McDaniels sings movie memories / Liberty LRP 3204 (one offsite)
m($10 VG+ NM [3.25])Little Esther Phillips(1962) / VG / Release me! / Lenox LX 227
m10/20/2011 m($30)Elvis Presley / VG / Self-titled / RCA Victor LPM 1382 (ads on back cover)
m($10)Elvis Presley / VG VG+ / Elvis' golden records volume 3 / RCA Victor LPM 2765 "mono" on label
m($12)Elvis Presley / VG VG+ / G.I. Blues / RCA Victor LPM 2256 w long play on label (4 of these)(one offsite)
01/20/2013 m($50) Elvis Presley / VG (seam splits) / G.I. Blues / RCA Victor LPM 2256 with "long play" on label and Wooden Heart sticker (95%) on front cover
05/27/2013 m($8) Elvis Presley / VG (spine split) / Kissin' cousins / LPM 2894 "mono" on label, small photo on front cover (some light marks)
m($30)Elvis Presley(1957) / VG VG+ / Loving You / RCA Victor LPM 1515 w long play on label
m($8)Jim Reeves(1957) / VG+ / Jim Reeves / RCA Victor LPM 1576
m($10)Marty Robbins (1957) / VG / A song of Robbins / Columbia CL 976 red/black label six eyes
12/01/2012 m($4) The Rolling Stones / G VG / Got live if you want it! / LL 3493 mono (lots of light marks, some moderate marks)
m($20)Rolling Stones / G VG / Out of our heads / London LL3429 maroon label London ffrr boxed
m($3)Jimmie Rodgers(1959) / VG+ / Sings folk songs / Roulette R 25042
05/28/2017 nam ($15) Jack Scott / VG+ / Self-titled / Carlton STLP 12/1-7 stereo (some light marks on side 2) near mint book value $150!
03/10/2011 m($10) Hank Snow (1955) / Just keep a-movin' / RCA Victor LPM 1113
m04/09/2011 m($4)Bobby Troup and his stars of Jazz / VG VG+ / Self-titled -- with Red Norva, Shorty Rogers, Bud Shank, MORE! / LPM 1959
m04/26/2012 m($4)Bobby Troup / VG VG+ / Bobby Troup! / Capitol T484 (a few light marks)
m($12)Frank Virtue and the Virtues(1960) / G VG (seam splits) / Guitar boogie shuffle / Wynne WLP 111 (needs cleaning)(ww)
10/08/2012 m($6) Billy Ward / VG VG+ / Pagan love song / Liberty LRP 3113 (some light marks)
10/13/2016 nam ($15) Weird-Ohs / VG VG+ / New! The sounds of the Weird-Ohs / Mercury MG 20976 (LOTS of light marks) (Near mint book value $150, this is VERY USED)