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On a scale of 1=ick to 10=AMAZING!
Movie:Date viewed:Commentsrating
Exodus Gods and Kings PG-13 2014 - Drama 2 hr 22m12:13:2014Biblical for the most part, a few nice special effects. Wonderful scenery. 6 people in the theatre.5
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb PG 2014 - Fantasy/Action 1h 37m12:29:2014A few neat special effects, 7 people in theater, took a short nap. Good family movie.4
Unbroken PG-13 2014 - Biography 2 hr 17m12:30:2014True story, some violence, a bit long, 10 people in theatre.7
Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies PG-13 2014 - Action Adventure 2 hr 24m12:31:2014The saga ends. Battle scenes, 9 people in the theatre. A bit long.5-6
Project Almanac PG-13 2015 - Sci Fi fantasy 2 hr 01:30:2015Kind of a cross between Blair Witch Project and The Butterfly Effect. I didn't get bored; 3 people in the theatre.5
Jupiter Ascending PG-13| Action 2015 Adventure - 127 min02:06:2015Nice special effects. Too loud in the action sequences, some dialogue unclear; 25 people in the theatre.6
Kingsman: The Secret Service R | 129 min. | Suspense/Thriller - 129 min02:13:2015Lots of gadgets! Violent; 8 people in the theatre.7
McFarland USA PG | Drama - 128 min02:20:2015The best movie I've seen in years; Good family/sports movie -- I'd watch it again..and again..and again -- which is why it got the rare "10th point". 17 people in the theatre.10!
Do you Believe PG-13 | Drama - 115 min03:20:2015Nice religious movie. 8 people in the theatre.6
Avengers: Age of Ultron PG-13 | Action-Adventure 141 min05:08:2015Very good superhero movie. 28 people in the theatre!8
Tomorrowland PG| Sci Fi/Fantasy 130 min05:26:2015Good family movie. 5 people in the theatre!5
Jurassic World PG-13 Action/Adventure 124 min06:15:2015I may not go to a theme park for a while ... :-). 23 people in the theatre!6
Fantastic Four PG-13 2015 Fantasy/Science fiction film 106m08:07:2015Definitely not fantastic. 4 people in the theatre.4
The man from U.N.C.L.E. PG-13 2015 Action/Adventure 116m 08:25:2015Decent, a bit violent. 4 people in the theatre.6
Mr. Holmes PG 2015 Mystery/Crime film 105m 09:07:2015Disappointing. Not like the old Basil Rathbone, or the new high-tech Robert Downey, Jr. ones. 9 people in the theatre.3
Pawn sacrifice PG-13 2015 Drama film/Thriller 116m09:25:2015Solid. Entertaining. I remember these events as a teenager. Based on a true story. Recommended! 13 people in the theatre.8
The Martian PG-13 2015 Fantasy/Science fiction film 142m10:26:2015Okay. 10 people in the theatre.6
SPECTRE PG-13 2015 Thriller/Action 150m11:06:2015Decent. Recommended! 11 people in the theatre.7
CREED PG-13 2015 Drama film/Sport 133m12:11:2015Decent. Prepare for a sequel! 1 person in the theatre.6
STAR WARS - The force awakens PG-13 2015 Fantasy/Science fiction film 136m12:18:2015Good! I + IV not = VII. 18 people in the theatre for 7:45 a.m. showing!7
RISEN PG-13 2016 Mystery/Drama film 107m02:20:2016Just okay. The last half hour things get moving a bit. 11 people in the theatre4
BATMAN V. SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE PG-13 2016 Fantasy/Science fiction film 153m03:25:2016Just okay. Obvious sequel coming. 28 people in theatre5
THE JUNGLE BOOK PG 2016 Fantasy/Drama film 111m04:22:2016Good! 28 people in theatre7
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR PG-13 2016 Fantasy/Science fiction film 147m05:09:2016Lots of action, a few slow spots -- long! 5 people in theatre6-7
STAR TREK BEYOND PG-13 2016 Fantasy/Science fiction film 122m07:26:2016Lots of action! 5 people in theatre7
DR. STRANGE PG-13 2016 Fantasy/Science fiction film 115m11:04:2016Excellent!! 5 people in theatre8+
ARRIVAL PG-13 2016 Mystery/Science fiction film 118m11:11:2016OVERRATED!! 25 people in theatre - I took a short nap.3
FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM PG-13 2016 Fantasy/Action film 133m11:18:2016OVERRATED!! 25 people in theatre - I took three short naps. An annoying laugh from a younger gal didn't help.3
ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY PG-13 2016 Science fiction/Action film 133m12:20:2016Hmmm.. just okay. I've seen a lot of Star Wars movies ... 29 people in theatre.5
PASSENGERS PG-13 2016 Fantasy/Science fiction film 116m12:28:2016Decent! Better than advertised!! I took a few short naps. 70 people in theatre!!6
HIDDEN FIGURES PG 2016 Drama film/Comedy-drama 127m01:06:2017Decent! 6 people in theatre5
LOGAN R 2017 Action Drama Sci-fi film 141m03:25:2017Not so good! 4 people in theatre3
THE CASE FOR CHRIST PG 2017 Drama film 112m04:14:2017Decent! 12 people in theatre7
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol. 2 PG-13 2017 Science fiction film/Action 138m05:08:2017Good! 20 people in theatre7
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES PG-13 2017 Fantasy Action 153m05:26:2017Good! 7 people in theatre7
WONDER WOMANPG-13 2017 Fantasy / Science Fiction 141m06:16:2017Decent! 15 people in theatre5
SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMINGPG-13 2017 Fantasy/Science fiction film 133m07:28:2017Good! 15 people in theatre6
THE ATOMIC BLONDE R 2017 Mystery Thriller 115m08:09:2017Ugh! 1 person in theatre2
BLADE RUNNER 2049 R 2017 Fantasy/Mystery 164m10:06:2017Ugh! ? people in theatre3
THOR: RAGNAROK PG-13 2017 Fantasy/Science fiction 130m11:07:2017Very Good! 20 people in theatre8
LET THERE BE LIGHT PG-13 2017 Drama 101m11:13:2017Just okay. 5 people in theatre4
JUSTICE LEAGUE PG-13 2017 Fantasy/Science fiction 119m11:17:2017Decent. 10 people in theatre6
STAR WARS: The last Jedi PG-13 2017 Fantasy/Science fiction 153m12:15:2017Very good. 100 ! people in theatre7
MOLLY'S GAME R 2017 biography crime drama 140m12:26:2017Not what I expected. 20 people in theatre 5-6
BLACK PANTHER PG-13 2018 Fantasy/Science fiction 135m02:16:2017So-so. 300 ! people in theatre (high school class!)4
READY PLAYER ONE PG-13 2018 Thriller film/Fantasy 139m03:30:2018Pretty good. 25 people in theatre6
I CAN ONLY IMAGINE PG 2018 Drama/Family 110m04:13:2018OUTSTANDING. ONE OF THE BEST I'VE SEEN IN YEARS. 10 people in theatre9+
AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR PG-13 2018 Fantasy/Science fiction 160m05:25:2018PRETTY GOOD. 20 people in theatre6
SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY PG-13 2018 Fantasy/Science fiction 135m06:14:2018Very good! 6 people in theatre8
JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM PG-13 2018 Science fiction film/action 130m06:28:2018Pretty good! 2 people in theatre7
ANT MAN AND THE WASP PG-13 2018 Fantasy / Science fiction 125m07:06:2018Nice. 20 people in theatre7
THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS PG 2018 Thriller / Fantasy 105m10:05:2018Ugh. 7 people in theatre2
CAPTAIN MARVEL PG-13 2019 Fantasy/Science Fiction 125m04:11:2019Ok. 2 people in theatre -- took a few naps.6
AVENGERS: ENDGAME PG-13 2019 Fantasy/Science Fiction 182m04:30:2019Ok. Long! 50 people in theatre 6
RICHARD JEWELL R 2019 Drama/Crime 131m12:26:2019Very good! 3 people in theatre8
STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER PG-13 2020 Fantasy/Science Fiction 142m12:30:2019Good! 30 people in theatre 7