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Thanks to all 42 who attended the 1st annual end of year Legion poker tournament. A special thanks to Steve S. and Les S. for helping set up. Please e-mail with your comments so it can be an even better tourney next year.

End of year accounting:

  1. 385 points 1st place points possible
  2. 93 nights x $5 = $465
  3. 11 pom x $5 = $55 ; $465 - 55 = $410
  4. 42 players end of year tourney (16 free) = 42-16= 26payers x $10 = $260 ; $410 + $260 = $670
  5. Payouts end of year tourney: 50/40/35/35/30/30/25/25/20/15/15/10 = $330 ; $670 - $330 = $340
  6. Player of the year payouts: 50/40/30/20/10 = $150 ; $340 - 150 = $190
  7. Used food certificates: 10 + 9 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 9 + 0 + 9.50 + 10 + 10 + 9 + 4.50 + 10 + 0 + 0 + 10 + 0 + 10 + 10 + 10 = $151 ; $190 - 151 = $39.
  8. $33.85 remaining in food envelope, Brian paid $5.15 out of pocket to make up difference ; $39 - $39 paid/to be paid to Legion kitchen = $0.
End of year final table: Below are results for poker tournaments used in calculating the player of the month/year.

CONGRATS TO JOHN D. the 2014 American Legion Player of the Year! Well, done!

Past player of the month winners--2014:
Month:Person:Points earned# of cashes
NovemberJohn D.185
OctoberJohn D.133
SeptemberJohn D.216
AugustSue D.143
JulyJohn D.135
JuneLes S.105
MayBob C.154
AprilJames R.155
MarchGeorge W.136
FebruaryDave W.104
JanuaryJohn D.165

2014 yearly results: (Current prize pool as of 11:25: (93 sessions x $5 = $465 - $55 POM = $410)

Current position - points earnedPerson:Date of last cash:# of cashes
1st -- 100John D.11:20:201430
2nd -- 98Brian W.11:13:201450
3rd -- 67Bob C.11:25:201417
4th -- 61Sue D.11:25:201420
5th -- 60Les S.11:25:201423
6th -- 57Sharon E.11:20:201423
7th -- 56George W.09:16:201422
8th -- 54James R.10:28:201419
9th -- 34Wayde S.11:18:201414
10th -- 33Jason G.11:06:201412
11th -- 32Monty H.11:18:201410
12th -- 30Loren G.11:11:201410
13th -- 29Mark R. (Woozie)05:20:20148
14th -- 29Vernon E.11:06:201417
15th -- 28Joe T.10:23:201410
16th -- 26Steve S.10:14:20149
17th -- 26Greg D.10:16:201410
18th -- 21Angel P.11:04:20145
19th -- 21Jeff G.11:25:20148
20th -- 20Jeff M.06:19:20147
xx -- 17Curtis H.09:11:20148
xx -- 14Gary S.10:21:20145
xx -- 13Dave W.04:01:20145
xx -- 13Ira M.09:18:20144
xx -- 11Cory J.09:02:20143
xx -- 09Casey L.07:22:20142
xx -- 08Bill B.08:26:20142
xx -- 08Wendy ?.11:25:201402
xx -- 07Steve H.11:11:20143
xx -- 06Eric L.02:04:20142
xx -- 06Matt M.04:22:20142
xx -- 06Judy V.10:21:20144
xx -- 05Tyler K.01:30:20141
xx -- 04Brad M.04:03:20141
xx -- 04Evan S.06:12:20141
xx -- 04Linda A.10:30:20142
xx -- 03Josh C.04:08:20141
xx -- 03Tom S.08:07:20141
xx -- 02Darryl J.04:08:20141
xx -- 02Sean E.08:12:20142
xx -- 02J.P.05:18:20141
xx -- 01Lenard B.07:03:20141
xx -- 01Jon F.10:30:20141

November Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
11:20:2014John D.1805
11:25:2014Wendy ?.0802
11:20:2014Sharon E.0603
11:13:2014Brian W.0504
11:18:2014Monty H.0502
11:11:2014Loren G.0401
11:25:2014Jeff G.0401
11:04:2014Angel P.0301
11:06:2014Vernon E.0302
11:25:2014Les S.0301
11:06:2014Jason G.0301
11:18:2014Wayde S.0301
11:11:2014Steve H.0201
11:25:2014Sue D.0201
11:25:2014Bob C.0101
November daily results:

Date: (#93)Person:Points earned
11:25:2014Wendy ?.05
11:25:2014Jeff G.04
11:25:2014Les S.03
11:25:2014Sue D.02
11:25:2014Bob C.01
Date: (#92)Person:Points earned
11:20:2014Sharon E.02
11:20:2014John D.01
Date: (#91)Person:Points earned
11:18:2014John D.04
11:18:2014Wayde S.03
11:18:2014Sharon E.02
11:18:2014Monty H.01
Date: (#90)Person:Points earned
11:13:2014John D.04
11:13:2014Wendy ?.03
11:13:2014Sharon E.02
11:13:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#89)Person:Points earned
11:11:2014Loren G.04
11:11:2014John D.03
11:11:2014Steve H.02
11:11:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#88)Person:Points earned
11:06:2014Jason G.03
11:06:2014Vernon E.02
11:06:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#87)Person:Points earned
11:04:2014John D.05
11:04:2014Monty H.04
11:04:2014Angel P.03
11:04:2014Brian W.02
11:04:2014Vernon E.01
October Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
10:28:2014John D.1303
10:30:2014Brian W.0904
10:14:2014Steve S.0702
10:16:2014Sharon E.0703
10:16:2014Greg D.0703
10:28:2014Sue D.0703
10:21:2014Bob C.0601
10:21:2014Monty H.0502
10:28:2014Wayde S.0501
10:21:2014Gary S.0401
10:21:2014Les S.0402
10:28:2014James R.0401
10:30:2014Linda A.0402
10:16:2014Vernon E.0302
10:21:2014Judy V.0201
10:21:2014Jason G.0101
10:23:2014Joe T.0101
10:30:2014Jon F.0101
October daily results:

Date: (#86)Person:Points earned
10:30:2014Linda A.03
10:30:2014Brian W.02
10:30:2014Jon F.01
Date: (#85)Person:Points earned
10:28:2014Wayde S.05
10:28:2014James R.04
10:28:2014John D.03
10:28:2014Sue D.02
10:28:2014Linda A.01
Date: (#84)Person:Points earned
10:23:2014John D.03
10:23:2014Brian W.02
10:23:2014Joe T.01
Date: (#83)Person:Points earned
10:21:2014John D.07
10:21:2014Bob C.06
10:21:2014Monty H.05
10:21:2014Gary S.04
10:21:2014Les S.03
10:21:2014Judy V.02
10:21:2014Jason G.01
Date: (#82)Person:Points earned
10:16:2014Greg D.03
10:16:2014Sharon E.02
10:16:2014Vernon E.01
Date: (#81)Person:Points earned
10:14:2014Steve S.05
10:14:2014Sue D.04
10:14:2014Brian W.03
10:14:2014Monty H.02
10:14:2014Les S.01
Date: (#80)Person:Points earned
10:09:2014Brian W.02
10:07:2014Greg D.01
Date: (#79)Person:Points earned
10:07:2014Sharon E.04
10:07:2014Mike ?.not participating
10:07:2014Steve S.02
10:07:2014Sue D.01
Date: (#78)Person:Points earned
10:02:2014Greg D.03
10:02:2014Vernon E.02
10:02:2014Sharon E.01

September Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
09:30:2014John D.2106
09:25:2014Brian W.1507
09:30:2014Sharon E.1404
09:23:2014Sue D.1103
09:09:2014Jason G.1003
09:30:2014Bob C.0902
09:09:2014Les S.0802
09:30:2014Vernon E.0703
09:02:2014Cory J.0401
09:09:2014Angel P.0401
09:16:2014George W.0301
09:23:2014Wayde S.0301
90:30:2014Jeff G.0301
09:02:2014Monty H.0201
09:04:2014Joe T.0201
09:09:2014Greg D.0201
09:16:2014Steve S.0201
09:18:2014Ira M.0202
09:11:2014Curtis H.0101
September daily results:

Date: (#77)Person:Points earned
09:30:2014Bob C.05
09:30:2014Vernon E.04
09:30:2014Jeff G.03
09:30:2014John D.02
09:30:2014Sharon E.01
Date: (#76)Person:Points earned
09:25:2014Sharon E.03
09:25:2014John D.02
09:25:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#75)Person:Points earned
09:23:2014John D.05
09:23:2014Sue D.04
09:23:2014Wayde S.03
09:23:2014Brian W.02
09:23:2014Vernon E.01
Date: (#74)Person:Points earned
09:18:2014John D.03
09:18:2014Brian W.02
09:18:2014Ira M.01
Date: (#73)Person:Points earned
09:16:2014Sharon E.05
09:16:2014Bob C.04
09:16:2014George W.03
09:16:2014Steve S.02
09:16:2014Sue D.01
Date: (#72)Person:Points earned
09:11:2014Sharon E.05
09:11:2014John D.04
09:11:2014Brian W.03
09:11:2014Vernon E.02
09:11:2014Curtis H.01
Date: (#71)Person:Points earned
09:09:2014Jason G.05
09:09:2014Angel P.04
09:09:2014Les S.03
09:09:2014Greg D.02
09:09:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#70)Person:Points earned
09:04:2014Les S.05
09:04:2014Jason G.04
09:04:2014Brian W.03
09:04:2014Joe T.02
09:04:2014Ira M.01
Date: (#69)Person:Points earned
09:02:2014Sue D.06
09:02:2014John D.05
09:02:2014Cory J.04
09:02:2014Brian W.03
09:02:2014Monty H.02
09:02:2014Jason G.01

August Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
08:26:2014Sue D.1403
08:28:2014John D.1304
08:26:2014Bob C.1102
08:28:2014Ira M.1102
08:12:2014Angel P.1002
08:19:2014George W.1002
08:28:2014Sharon E.0904
08:28:2014Les S.0903
08:28:2014Brian W.0905
08:19:2014Monty H.0802
08:28:2014Joe T.0702
08:26:2014Steve S.0602
08:07:2014Tom S.0301
08:14:2014Vernon E.0302
08:26:2014Bill B.0301
08:26:2014Wayde S.0201
08:14:2014Jason G.0201
08:12:2014Sean E.0101
08:21:2014Greg D.0101

August daily results:

Date: (#68)Person:Points earned
08:26:2014John D.06
08:26:2014Ira M.05
08:26:2014Joe T.04
08:26:2014Brian W.03
08:26:2014Les S.02
08:26:2014Sharon E.01
Date: (#67)Person:Points earned
08:26:2014Bob C.06
08:26:2014Sue D.05
08:26:2014Steve S.04
08:26:2014Bill B.03
08:26:2014Wayde S.02
08:26:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#66)Person:Points earned
08:21:2014Sharon E.04
08:21:2014Brian W.03
08:21:2014John D.02
08:21:2014Greg D.01
Date: (#65)Person:Points earned
08:19:2014Sue D.05
08:19:2014George W.04
08:19:2014Monty H.03
08:19:2014Steve S.02
08:14:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#64)Person:Points earned
08:14:2014John D.03
08:14:2014Jason G.02
08:14:2014Vernon E.01
Date: (#63)Person:Points earned
08:12:2014Angel P.06
08:12:2014Monty H.05
08:12:2014Charles B.not participating
08:12:2014Sharon E.03
08:12:2014Vernon E.02
08:12:2014Sean E.01
Date: (#62)Person:Points earned
08:07:2014Ira M.06
08:07:2014Bob C.05
08:07:2014Angel P.04
08:07:2014Tom S.03
08:07:2014Les S.02
08:07:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#61)Person:Points earned
08:05:2014George W.06
08:05:2014Les S.05
08:05:2014Sue D.04
08:05:2014Joe T.03
08:05:2014John D.02
08:05:2014Sharon E.01

July Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
07:31:2014John D.1305
07:24:2014Greg D.1204
07:29:2014Loren G.1204
07:22:2014Brian W.1004
07:31:2014Curtis H.1003
07:17:2014Les S.0802
07:22:2014Sharon E.0802
07:29:2014Bob C.0802
07:15:2014Cory J.0702
07:22:2014Steve S.0602
07:08:2014Monty H.0501
07:22:2014Casey L.0501
07:15:2014Wayde S.0402
07:29:2014Vernon E.0402
07:31:2014Angel P.0401
07:31:2014George W.0201
07:03:2014Lenard B.0101
07:08:2014Judy V.0101
07:15:2014Jeff G.0101
07:17:2014Sean E.0101
07:24:2014Joe T.0101

July daily results:

Date: (#60)Person:Points earned
07:31:2014Angel P.04
07:31:2014Curtis H.03
07:31:2014George W.02
07:31:2014John D.01
Date: (#59)Person:Points earned
07:29:2014Bob C.04
07:29:2014Vernon E.03
07:29:2014Loren G.02
07:29:2014Curtis H.01
Date: (#58)Person:Points earned
07:24:2014Greg D.03
07:24:2014John D.02
07:24:2014Joe T.01
Date: (#57)Person:Points earned
07:22:2014Sharon E.06
07:22:2014Casey L.05
07:22:2014Brian W.04
07:22:2014Loren G.03
07:22:2014Steve S.02
07:22:2014Greg D.01
Date: (#56)Person:Points earned
07:17:2014Les S.03
07:17:2014John D.02
07:17:2014Sean E.01
Date: (#55)Person:Points earned
07:15:2014Curtis H.06
07:15:2014John D.05
07:15:2014Cory J.04
07:15:2014Wayde S.03
07:15:2014Greg D.02
07:15:2014Jeff G.01
Date: (#54)Person:Points earned
07:10:2014Bob C.04
07:10:2014John D.03
07:10:2014Brian W.02
07:10:2014Vernon E.01
Date: (#53)Person:Points earned
07:08:2014Monty H.05
07:08:2014Loren G.04
07:08:2014Cory J.03
07:08:2014Brian W.02
07:08:2014Judy V.01
Date: (#52)Person:Points earned
07:03:2014Brian W.02
07:03:2014Lenard B.01
Date: (#51)Person:Points earned
07:01:2014Greg D.06
07:01:2014Les S.05
07:01:2014Steve S.04
07:01:2014Loren G.03
07:01:2014Sharon E.02
07:01:2014Wayde S.01

June Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
06:26:2014Les S.1005
06:24:2014Sue D.0903
06:26:2014Jason G.0903
06:26:2014Bob C.0902
06:26:2014Joe T.0602
06:19:2014Brian W.0503
06:24:2014Steve S.0502
06:05:2014Greg D.0401
06:12:2014Evan S.0401
06:17:2014Monty H.0401
06:19:2014Jeff M.0401
06:05:2014Jeff G.0301
06:19:2014Wayde S.0301
06:24:2014Curtis H.0302
06:03:2014Gary S.0101
06:05:2014George W.0101

June daily results:

Date: (#50)Person:Points earned
06:26:2014Bob C.04
06:26:2014Joe T.03
06:26:2014Jason G.02
06:26:2014Les S.01
Date: (#49)Person:Points earned
06:24:2014Steve S.04
06:24:2014Sue D.03
06:24:2014Curtis H.02
06:24:2014Les S.01
Date: (#48)Person:Points earned
06:19:2014Bob C.05
06:19:2014Jeff M.04
06:19:2014Wayde S.03
06:19:2014Les S.02
06:19:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#47)Person:Points earned
06:17:2014Jason G.05
06:17:2014Monty H.04
06:17:2014Sue D.03
06:17:2014Les S.02
06:17:2014Steve S.01
Date: (#46)Person:Points earned
06:12:2014Evan S.04
06:12:2014Joe T.03
06:12:2014Brian W.02
06:12:2014Curtis H.01
Date: (#45)Person:Points earned
06:05:2014Greg D.04
06:05:2014Jeff G.03
06:05:2014Jason G.02
06:05:2014George W.01
Date: (#44)Person:Points earned
06:03:2014Les S.04
06:03:2014Sue D.03
06:03:2014Brian W.02
06:03:2014Gary S.01

May Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
05:27:2014Bob C.1504
05:27:2014James R.1404
05:29:2014Brian W.1004
05:13:2014George W.0502
05:20:2014Mark R. (Woozie)0501
05:20:2014Steve H.0502
05:27:2014Sharon E.0503
05:06:2014Sue D.0401
05:06:2014Les S.0402
05:15:2014Jeff G.0401
05:20:2014Vern E.0303
05:29:2014Curtis H.0302
05:01:2014Jeff M.0201
05:22:2014Judy V.0201
05:29:2014Jason G.0201

May daily results:

Date: (#43)Person:Points earned
05:29:2014Brian W.03
05:29:2014Jason G.02
05:29:2014Curtis H.01
Date: (#42)Person:Points earned
05:27:2014Bob C.04
05:27:2014James R.03
05:27:2014Sharon E.02
Date: (#41)Person:Points earned
05:22:2014James R.04
05:22:2014Brian W.03
05:22:2014Judy V.02
05:22:2014Sharon E.01
Date: (#40)Person:Points earned
05:20:2014Mark R. (Woozie)05
05:20:2014James R.04
05:20:2014Steve H.03
05:20:2014Bob C.02
05:20:2014Vern E.01
Date: (#39)Person:Points earned
05:15:2014Bob C.05
05:15:2014Jeff G.04
05:15:2014Brady ?.DQ
05:15:2014Curtis H.02
05:15:2014Vern E.01
Date: (#38)Person:Points earned
05:13:2014Bob C.04
05:13:2014George W.03
05:13:2014Steve H.02
05:13:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#37)Person:Points earned
05:08:2014James R.03
05:08:2014George W.02
Date: (#36)Person:Points earned
05:06:2014Sue D.04
05:06:2014Les S.03
05:06:2014Sharon E.02
05:06:2014Vern E.01
Date: (#35)Person:Points earned
05:01:2014Brian W.03
05:01:2014Jeff M.02
05:01:2014Les S.01

April Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
04:29:2014James R.1505
04:24:2014Brian W.1407
04:17:2014George W.1203
04:24:2014Mark R. (Woozie)1203
04:22:2014Sharon E.0703
04:24:2014Gary S.0702
04:29:2014Loren G.0602
04:03:2014John D.0501
04:17:2014Vernon E.0502
04:03:2014Brad M.0401
04:10:2014Les S.0401
04:15:2014Casey L.0401
04:01:2014Dave W.0301
04:08:2014Josh C.0301
04:22:2014Matt M.0301
04:24:2014Jeff M.0301
04:08:2014Darryl J.0201
04:22:2014Bob C.0201
04:29:2014Sue D.0201
04:01:2014Judy V.0101
04:15:2014Jeff G.0101

April daily results:

Date: (#34)Person:Points earned
04:29:2014James R.03
04:29:2014Sue D.02
04:29:2014Loren G.01
Date: (#33)Person:Points earned
04:24:2014Gary S.04
04:24:2014Jeff M.03
04:24:2014Mark R. (Woozie)02
04:24:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#32)Person:Points earned
04:22:2014Brian W.04
04:22:2014Matt M.03
04:22:2014Bob C.02
04:22:2014Sharon E.01
Date: (#31)Person:Points earned
04:17:2014George W.05
04:17:2014James R.04
04:17:2014Vernon E.03
04:17:2014Sharon E.02
04:17:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#30)Person:Points earned
04:15:2014Mark R. (Woozie)05
04:15:2014Casey L.04
04:15:2014Brian W.03
04:15:2014Vernon E.02
04:15:2014Jeff G.01
Date: (#29)Person:Points earned
04:10:2014Les S.04
04:10:2014James R.03
04:10:2014Brian W.02
04:10:2014George W.01
Date: (#28)Person:Points earned
04:08:2014Loren G.05
04:08:2014James R.04
04:08:2014Josh C.03
04:08:2014Darryl J.02
04:08:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#27)Person:Points earned
04:03:2014George W.06
04:03:2014John D.05
04:03:2014Brad M.04
04:03:2014Gary S.03
04:03:2014Charles B.not participating
04:03:2014James R.01
Date: (#26)Person:Points earned
04:01:2014Mark R. (Woozie)05
04:01:2014Sharon E.04
04:01:2014Dave W.03
04:01:2014Brian W.02
04:01:2014Judy V.01

March Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
03:25:2014George W.1306
03:27:2014Brian W.0906
03:06:2014Mark R. (Woozie)0602
03:27:2014Wayde S.0603
03:25:2014James R.0502
03:27:2014Les S.0501
03:18:2014Joe T.0401
03:25:2014Loren G.0402
03:27:2014Jeff M.0401
03:13:2014Bob C.0301
03:11:2014Sue D.0301
03:18:2014Jeff G.0201

March daily results:

Date: (#25)Person:Points earned
03:27:2014Les S.05
03:27:2014Jeff M.04
03:27:2014Wayde S.03
03:27:2014Ralph M.not participating
03:27:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#24)Person:Points earned
03:25:2014James R.03
03:25:2014Loren G.02
03:25:2014George W.01
Date: (#23)Person:Points earned
03:20:2014George W.03
03:20:2014James R.02
03:20:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#22)Person:Points earned
03:18:2014Joe T.04
03:18:2014George W.03
03:18:2014Jeff G.02
03:18:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#21)Person:Points earned
03:13:2014Bob C.03
03:13:2014Brian W.02
03:13:2014George W.01
Date: (#20)Person:Points earned
03:11:2014George W.04
03:11:2014Sue D.03
03:11:2014Wayde S.02
03:11:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#19)Person:Points earned
03:06:2014Mark R. (Woozie)02
03:06:2014Wayde S.01
Date: (#18)Person:Points earned
03:04:2014Mark R. (Woozie)04
03:04:2014Brian W.03
03:04:2014Loren G.02
03:04:2014George W.01

February Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
02:25:2014Dave W.1004
02:25:2014James R.0904
02:11:2014Mark R. (Woozie)0602
02:11:2014Jeff M.0602
02:20:2014Brian W.0503
02:25:2014Sue D.0502
02:06:2014Joe T.0301
02:13:2014Bob C.0301
02:27:2014George W.0302
02:04:2014Eric L.0201
02:27:2014John D.0201
02:04:2014Les S.0101
02:18:2014Sharon E.0101

February daily results:

Date: (#17)Person:Points earned
02:27:2014John D.02
02:27:2014George W.01
Date: (#16)Person:Points earned
02:25:2014Sue D.03
02:25:2014Dave W.02
02:25:2014James R.01
Date: (#15)Person:Points earned
02:20:2014Brian W.02
02:20:2014James R.01
Date: (#14)Person:Points earned
02:18:2014James R.03
02:18:2014Dave W.02
02:18:2014Sharon E.01
Date: (#13)Person:Points earned
02:13:2014Bob C.03
02:13:2014George W.02
02:13:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#12)Person:Points earned
02:11:2014Jeff M.05
02:11:2014Tommy ? (not participating)
02:11:2014Dave W.03
02:11:2014Sue D.02
02:11:2014Mark R. (Woozie)01
Date: (#11)Person:Points earned
02:06:2014Mark R. (Woozie)05
02:06:2014James R.04
02:06:2014Joe T.03
02:06:2014Brian W.02
02:06:2014Jeff M.01
Date: (#10)Person:Points earned
02:04:2014Dave W.03
02:04:2014Eric L.02
02:04:2014Les S.01

January Monthly results:

Date of last cash:Person:Points earned# of cashes
01:23:2014John D.165
01:30:2014Wayde S.084
01:23:2014George W.074
01:28:2014James R.073
01:28:2014Brian W.073
01:16:2014Jason G.062
01:03:2014Bill B.051
01:21:2014Sue D.052
01:30:2014Tyler K.051
01:03:2014Joe T.041
01:14:2014Loren G.041
01:30:2014Eric L.041
01:30:2014Les S.043
01:14:2014Matt M.031
01:28:2014Jeff G.031
01:07:2014Gary S.021
01:16:2014Jeff M.011
01:30:2014Vernon E.011

January daily results:

Date: (#9)Person:Points earned
01:30:2014Tyler K.05
01:30:2014Eric L.04
01:30:2014Wayde S.03
01:30:2014Les S.02
01:30:2014Vernon E.01
Date: (#8)Person:Points earned
01:28:2014Jeff G.03
01:28:2014Brian W.02
01:28:2014James R.01
Date: (#7)Person:Points earned
01:23:2014George W.03
01:23:2014John D.02
01:23:2014Brian W.01
Date: (#6)Person:Points earned
01:21:2014John D.04
01:21:2014James R.03
01:21:2014Sue D.02
01:21:2014Les S.01
Date: (#5)Person:Points earned
01:16:2014Brian W.04
01:16:2014Jason G.03
01:16:2014Wayde S.02
01:16:2014Jeff M.01
Date: (#4)Person:Points earned
01:14:2014Loren G.04
01:14:2014Matt M.03
01:14:2014George W.02
01:14:2014Les S.01
Date: (#3)Person:Points earned
01:09:2014John D.04
01:09:2014Jason G.03
01:09:2014Wayde S.02
01:09:2014George W.01
Date: (#2)Person:Points earned
01:07:2014John D.04
01:07:2014Sue D.03
01:07:2014Gary S.02
01:07:2014George W.01
Date: (#1)Person:Points earned
01:02:2014Bill B.05
01:02:2014Joe T.04
01:02:2014James R.03
01:02:2014John D.02
01:02:2014Wayde S.01

  1. specifics of earning points / end-of-year (EOY) tournament:
  2. Points are earned on a nightly basis using the following formula: IE. If 4 places paid, 1st place-4 points, 2nd place-3 points, 3rd place-2 points, 4th place-1 point. Points from both Tues and Thurs $10 freeze-out tournaments are combined into one total for computing prizes. Special/charity events are NOT included in points computations.
  3. Funding for EOY tournament from $5 nightly pulled from Tues/Thurs prize pools, a max. of 93 days from Jan 2-end of November = $465 (93x5)
    06:22:2014: (Total funding from nightly Tu/Th tournaments adjustable downwards if special/charity events are held that eliminate nights from computations).
  4. EOY tourney set for Tues. Dec. 2nd, 7PM. Top twenty annual points receive free entry into end of year tourney. All others pay $10. Format: freezeout, 2500 in chips. Blinds 25/25, 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 400/800, 1500/3000, 3000/6000, 6000/12K. :30 min blinds until 9pm, then :20 min blinds. Chip count at 11pm if not finished to determine places.
    06:22:2014: starting stack may be adjusted upwards at discretion of tourney director. 07:10:2014: If starting stack is adjusted upwards from 2500, then blind levels may be shortened. 11:19:2014: Players must be at end of year tourney before 7pm or have called in (if going to be late) and then must arrive by 7:30 in order to participate.
  5. CASH Payouts in end of year tourney: 1st-$50, 2nd-$40, 3rd-$35, 4th-$30, 5th-$25, 6th-$20, 7th-$15, 8th-$10 (total of $225 paid out, $465-$225 = $240 left)
  6. Each of top twenty annual points earners receive a $10 food/beverage "certificate" good for night only of EOY tourney (06:22:2014--good between 6pm and 11pm).
    USE IT OR LOSE IT! THE PURPOSE OF THESE "certificates" ARE TO plow $$ back into the Legion and support the kitchen/bar areas. Unused portions of $10 certificates are converted to cash and put in EOY prize pool. If someone in top twenty does not show, their $10 is converted to cash and is put into monthly funding/eoy individual prize pool ($240 - $200 (20 people x $10 each) = $40 left).
  7. Monthly prize of $5 food/beverage awarded to top individual monthly points earner, good for either 1st Tues/Thurs in week following month won. IE. Top points earner for Jan. gets a $5 certificate good in the first week of Feb. If not used, prize is forfeited, converted to cash, and put into monthly funding/eoy individual prize pool. 11 months x $5 = $55. $40-$55 = -$15.
  8. CASH PLACES MAY BE PAID (if positive funding available as shown below) TO INDIVIDUALS BASED ON END OF YEAR POINT TOTALS. Unused individual $10 EOY food/beverage certificates (converted to cash) + $10 entry fees into EOY tournament + unused/forfeited $5 monthly food/beverage certificates (converted to cash) put into individual prize pool awarded as follows: 1st up to $50., If first place does not use all remaining monies, then 2nd place awarded up to $40 of remaining monies. If 2nd place does not use all remaining monies, then 3rd place awarded up to $30 of remaining monies. Repeat for 4th $20, 5th - $10.
  9. All food/beverage certificates are non-transferable and can include tips.
  10. 02:07:2014:In the event of a tie for POM or POY, players can either agree to split the amount 50/50, or, in the event they can't agree to split, each will draw one card from a deck under supervision of tourney director, high card wins, Aces are high.
  11. As this is the first year for this tournament, the above specifics / EOY Tournament are subject to modification/cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. If monies have been collected, then will be "refunded" in regular Tu/Th tournaments.