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If you have a collection of records you are looking to sell, or wonder what they may be worth, I do offer an appraisal / selling service.
If you want me to give you an idea of what your records might be worth, then you would need to send me a list of your records(please include artist name / title of record / and record#--usually shown on album cover--on spine) and, as best you can determine, their condition. I do not open attachments on my computer. I charge a flat fee of $10 (payable in advance) for assessing a collection(up to 250 records or 1 hour worth of effort, whichever comes first). Normally, with LP records or 45 RPMs, I can assess up to 250 records within an hour. 78 RPMs can take a bit longer.

I also occasionally sell collections for other people. Selling a collection is very time consuming (it can be up to two hours per record!). My commission is 50% of net sales. Normally, there is a lot of effort on my part to move your collection. Basically, in selling a collection, what it comes down to is that it is your merchandise and my time. If you have some higher dollar items that don't require as much effort, then we can negotiate a percentage, probably something like 60-65 (you) / 40-35 (me).

You are also responsible for shipping charges in getting the records to me or if you want them returned to you. In sum, we'd want to be dealing with higher-dollar records to make this worth your while. I do have a minimum charge of $10, payable in advance, for agreeing to sell a collection. This $10 fee is deducted from the first $10 of net sales -- in other words, you get the first $10 in net sales -- after that, it is split on a percentage basis as shown above. If you have already paid the $10 to have a collection appraised, then there is no additional $10 fee if I agree to sell them for you.
E-mail me if interested. Thanks in advance!